• Spring Student Permits – Sold Out

    All individual car permits have been sold out for the Spring 2022 semester. Reservations for the Spring 2022 permits were done in conjunction with Spring 2022 class registration (between November 15 and November 26, 2021) and were based on class standing (i.e. seniors register first, then juniors, etc.). Please consider other options mentioned at the full post (link below) that are still available to you. Please know that the parking exemption option mentioned on the full post (link below) is also based on class standing and the reason for needing a permit.

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  • Warrior Quick Pass Zone 20

    Warrior Quick Pass

    Update January 2022!

    Warrior Quick Passes go on sale each Friday at noon, for the following week.

    Due to COVID19 and the continuation of distance learning for the first 2 weeks of  Spring 2022, attendants are not present at the Lower Campus entry kiosks. UH employees and students may purchase daily parking passes online utilizing the Warrior Quick Pass which can be printed at home.

    Alternatively, the flat rate daily parking ticket of $5 can be purchased at the pay stations located at the Music, Law School or Klum Gym lots.

    A Pay Station is now located at the Klum Gym lot near entrance to Zone 20 Parking Structure.
    Klum Gym Pay Station

    Unsure on how to purchase? Read our Knowledge Base!


    Get the Warrior Quick Pass

  • Spring 2022 Shuttle Service Advisory


    In accordance with President Lassner’s announcement that classes will move online for the first 2 weeks of instruction, the Spring 2022 Shuttle service will also be suspended for at least those first 2 weeks. Any additional updates will be posted to our website so please check back frequently.

  • Student Moped Information

    Students interested in purchasing a permit for a moped, please refer to the moped map here for appropriate permit parking locations before purchasing a permit.

    Moped Housing permits are allowed to park in Housing Lots (H) and All Permit lots (A) only. Proof of Housing is required before this option is available for purchase. To submit your proof of housing go to this link Request for Student Housing Permit.

    Moped Upper permits are allowed to park in Upper Campus lots (U) and All Permit lots (A) only.

    Moped Commuter permits are allowed to park in Commuter Lots (C) and All Permit lots (A) only.

  • Parking in Visitor Green Stalls (Upper Campus)

    Beginning August  13, 2021 the parking rate for Visitor Green Stalls will return to the $3/30 min increments, 3 hour maximum. After 4pm weekdays and Saturdays remains a $7 flat rate.

  • Employee Permit Refunds

    The current University of Hawaiʻi COVID-19 Telework Policy has been extended through Monday, January 31, 2022. Should employees elect to return their UHM Spring Parking Permit, please read the following return instructions carefully.

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  • Spring 2022 Student Permit Refund

    Due to the uncertainty of COVID, student classes and situations may be changing. Should students elect to return their Spring 2022 Parking Permit, please read the following return instructions carefully. Please check our website feed regularly for the most current information as the situation remains fluid.

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  • Ching Field Moped Lot Closed

    Moped lot near Ching field has been closed permanently due to expansion of seating. Moped map here for appropriate alternative parking locations. Please park in designated lots only to avoid citations.

    Moped lot closure

  • Out of Zone Parking Weekdays After 4pm

    Effective August 16, 2021 – out of zone parking for employee and student permit holders, as well as all visitor parking, will return to after 4pm on weekdays. The $7 flat rate parking option will be available after 4pm.

  • Help prevent the spread of COVID-19

    We require all guests to wear a face mask, maintain a 6ft desitance, stay home if you have a cough, fever, or feel sick, sneeze or cough into your elbow, and do not shake hands or engage in unnecessary physical contact.

  • Dole Street Parking Structure Automated Pilot Program

    Dole Street Parking Structure
    Beginning August 3, 2020, the Dole Street Parking Structure (Zone 22) will transition to an automated facility. Stall layouts have been reconfigured, with yellow visitor stalls on the ground floor, and all other floors being reserved for Zone 22 permit holders. Visitor parking will use the Pay Station machines, purchasing a daily ticket via credit card and placing receipt face-up on driver’s side corner of dashboard. Structure rate of $5/day and $7 in evening remain in effect.
    Dole Street Parking Structure Pay Station Location
    Dole Street Structure Pay Station

  • Welcome New Commuters

    Learn more about Commuter Services’ parking and transportation options for UH Mānoa campus.