What can you do with a Communicology Degree?

Knowledge of communication is beneficial to any career.  In fact, a national study found that the essential skills needed by a competent employee to get a job, to succeed, and be promoted are primarily communication skills (Winsor, Curtis, & Stephens, 1997).

Our graduates are flourishing in a variety of fields that include careers such as business consultants, communication trainers, singers, disc jockeys, producers, human relations, public relations, sales representatives, flight attendants, banking personnel, journalists, financial planners, managers, communication assistants, youth pastors, coaches, publicists, sales persons, speechwriter, tour guide, legislative assistants, private investigators, fundraisers, lobbyists, community and market researchers, personnel recruiters, actors, counselors, book/magazine editor assistants, elementary school teachers, mediators, paralegals, political aides, case managers, program coordinators, real estate agents, travel agents, property managers, academic advisers, events coordinators, business owners, and executive assistants to name a few. Many of our graduates have gone on for higher degrees (MA & PhD) in Communicology/Communication, Law, Social Work, Psychology, Public Health, and Military Intelligence.


Winsor, J. L., Curtis, D. B., & Stephens, R. D. (1997). National preferences in business and communication education. Journal of the Association for Communication Administrators, 3, 170-179.