Department of Communicology Award


Selection Criteria

This award recognizes students whose efforts in the field of speech communication have been meritorious. These contributions should be above and beyond course requirements. Foremost, the award recognizes academic excellence. The award also acknowledges notable contributions to speech communication research, leading to a conference papers, publications, and/or admirable community/university service.


A student is eligible for the The Department of Communicology Award if he or she is full time at UHM and majors in Communicology regardless of undergraduate class standing (freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior). A minimum 3.50 GPA in Communicology and a minimum 3.20 GPA overall is required.


Each recipient has her or his name placed on a permanent plaque displayed in the office of the Communicology Department. For 2018, the recipient receives a cash award of $300.00.

Selection Procedures

Faculty members in the Department of Communicology will submit a nomination form for students who appear to meet the requirements of this award. Each nominee will be asked to complete and submit a Nominee Information Form (see below). The committee will determine the nominee(s) that best meets all criteria. In the event that no nominee clearly meets the criteria, as determined by the Awards Committee, no award will be given that year.

Deadline for Award Nomination Form: March 15

Nomination Form 

Award Nominee Information Form

Nominee Form 

Submission Procedures

Nomination Form and Nominee Information Form can be submitted through email to: Dr. Emiko Taniguchi or through mail to:

Emiko Taniguchi, Ph.D.
Awards Committee
University of Hawai’i at Manoa
Department of Communicology
2560 Campus Road, George Hall 326
Honolulu, Hawai’i 96822

Notification of Award

The chair of the Awards Committee will notify the nominee(s) of the Committee’s decision within three weeks of the Nominee Information Form deadline.