Minoring in Communicology

To Become a Communicology Minor

The Communicology Minor was designed for students majoring in other academic fields wishing to gain a clear understanding of the process of human communication. Communicology predominantly is a discipline of systematic, purposeful thinking, and communicating. The Minor emphasizes messages: message processing, relationships, and social influence. It allows the student ample opportunity, both within and outside the classroom, to develop communicative knowledge, understanding, and skills in diverse activities such as interviewing, group discussion, organizational communication, intercultural communication, public speaking, interpersonal communication, and conflict management.


To declare Communicology as a minor, please take the following steps:

1. Become familiar with the selection of classes available in the Communicology Minor program by visiting the Course Description webpage. You can also learn about all courses offered in the department by referring to the General Catalog.
2. Schedule an appointment with the Communicology Minor Advisor <comgmin@hawaii.edu> for assistance in putting your schedule together and completing an “Application for a Communicology Minor” form .
3.  To ensure you receive credit for the minor, make an appointment with the Communicology Minor Advisor to complete a “Graduation Information Form for Majors and Minors” form , available from the Department of Communicology office.
4. If you would like to receive a Communicology Minor certificate of completion from the Department of Communicology, submit your request to the Department of Communicology Minor Advisor during your graduating semester or within a month after graduation. [Note: a student’s minor is only indicated on the official transcript and not on the diploma]


Requirements for Communicology Minor [see Notes 1-5]

To complete your minor in Communicology, you will need to complete 15 COMMUNICOLOGY credit hours of which 9 are required and 6 are upper division electives [see Note 2].

The required courses are:

COMG 364 Persuasion

COMG 371 Message Processing [see Note 4]

COMG 381 Interpersonal Relations

Note 1: Up to 3 total credits of COMG 453 may be applied to the Communicology minor.

Note 2: Lower division courses, as well as, COMG 399 and 499 do not count toward the minor unless the course has prerequisites (e.g., COMG 290).

Note 3: In residence policy: A minimum of 9 credit hours must be taken in the Department of Communicology at UHM.

Note 4: Students who declared Communicology as their minor prior to the beginning of the Fall 2011 semester, may use COMG 370 (471) or 470 as a replacement for COMG 371.

Note 5: All courses taken to satisfy the Communicology Minor must be for a letter grade of “C” or better.

For complete Communicology course listings, refer to the General Catalog.