Speech Communication Society

What is Speech Communication Society?

The Speech Communication Society, or SCS, is a student-body organization affiliated with the Department of Communicology. It is a registered independent organization (RIO) with the university, run by student officers, and advised by a faculty member from the department.



What does SCS do?

The mission of SCS is to enrich Communicology students’ academic and social life on and off campus. To do so, SCS organizes academic talks, resume workshops, community services, bowling tournaments, and end-of-semester banquets. In particular, bowling tournaments have become a department tradition that undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty of the department actively participate every semester. This and many other events establish a tight connection between Communicology students and faculty outside of classroom.

To find out the past and future events of SCS, please visit the SCS Facebook page.



What is the benefit of becoming an SCS member?

The benefits are many, including but not limited to:

1. You can proudly add your membership to your resume as a demonstration that you are active participants of student organizations and community services;
2. You can establish wider and stronger connections with alumni, faculty, and current students, who usually play a critical role in your career development;
3. You have the chance of becoming SCS officers and hone your leadership skills;
4. You receive a silver cord upon graduation at end-of-the-semester banquets; and
5. Have fun with your peers!



How to join SCS?

The easiest way is to attend the first general meeting of SCS at the start of each semester. At the meeting, you will register with the SCS president, pay the fees, and done! The current fees are: $10 for a semester and $15 for a year.

If you miss the first general meeting, you can email the SCS president or the faculty supervisor. They will let you know the dates of future events, and you just come.



Current SCS Personnel

President: Corey Watanabe (coreyw@hawaii.edu)
Treasurer: Sheana Humphries
Academic chair: Kiona Esteban; Sakaria Auelua-Toomey
Social chair: Savannah Rose
Faculty advisor: Andrew Zhang (jzhang6@hawaii.edu)