Shasta Yamada

Shasta Yamada


Hometown: Honolulu, Hawai’i

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Communicology & Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media, 2014

Occupation: Graphic Designer and Development Assistant, Special Olympics Hawaii & Owner, Shastagraphy

What is your work history (all jobs since you graduated)?
Youth Program Coordinator, Olelo Community Media & Audio Video Technician, Techniques Hawaii

What useful skills did you develop from taking classes in the department?
Taking classes in the department helped me to develop a number of important skills, including critical thinking, the art of presentation, the value of preparedness, and a passion for the subject matter.

What did you learn from Communicology classes that have helped you in your occupation(s)?
My work at Olelo Community Media and Special Olympics was about delivering a message to an audience.  I have learned a lot about message processing in Dr. Aune’s class and understanding how the brain processes visuals.  In Professor Matayoshi’s Professional Presentations class, I learned how to present and deliver the messages.  Conflict management and  persuasion have taught me how to handle situations while working with a variety of clients.

What useful skills did you develop from taking classes in the department?
I have learned a wide variety of skills in Communicology from how to present myself when going in for a job interview, learning how to process information and create graphics, flyers and videos that best deliver the message I’m trying to convey and tailor it to a specific audience.

What was your favorite class in our department?
Professional Presentations

What was your fondest memory, funny anecdote, or memorable lesson you remember from our classes?
THE SCS STUDENT VS FACULTY BOWLING! I don’t have any specific memory, but what I do remember the most is that every professor taught in an environment that made asking questions comfortable. I never felt afraid to ask when I needed help because everyone was very open and easy to approach. That is a lesson that I learned and tried to carry with me.