R. Kelly Aune

R. Kelly Aune

R. Kelly Aune (Professor) has been at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa since 1988. He was the Chair of the Department of Communicology for about 10 years, broken up by a stint as the Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs from 2004 to 2007. He has taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses in the department but enjoys teaching courses in message processing and research methods the most.

Dr. Aune’s research is in message processing and natural language processing. Specifically, Dr. Aune looks at how people imply and infer meaning in conversations that is not readily apparent in their actions or the utterances they speak. He also looks at the evolution of idiosyncratic communicative behavior across dyads and groups. Finally, Dr. Aune examines how the cooperative nature of communicative behavior can give rise to misunderstandings and deception.

In more applied settings Dr. Aune frequently teams with Dr. Krystyna Aune for speaking engagements, workshops, and short courses in community and professional settings. Most recently the Drs. Aune taught a short course for Korean executives on conflict and negotiation, and workshops on nonverbal and relational communication for human resource executives as well as emerging leaders across the University of Hawai`i system.

During his time at UHM Dr. Aune has served on scores of committees and working groups. However none of those tasks has been more important or more satisfying than working with his colleagues at Hamilton Library to advance the Open Access movement at UHM and promote the value of UHM’s digital repository, ScholarSpace – to the University community.



Ph.D. in Communication, Minor in Linguistics (University of Arizona, 1988)
M.A. in Communication (University of Illinois, Springfield, 1984)
B.A. in Communication (University of Illinois, Springfield, 1982)


Representative Publications

Aune, R. K., Sharritt, M., & Suthers, D. D. (2014). l33tsp33k: How gamers speak with impenetrable efficiency. International Journal of Digital Literacy and Digital Competence, 5, 48-71.

Taniguchi, E., & Aune, R. K. (2013). Communication with parents and body satisfaction in college students. Journal of American College Health, 61, 387-396.

Hendrickson, B., Rosen, D., & Aune, R. K. (2011). An analysis of friendship networks, social connectedness, homesickness, and satisfaction levels of international students. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 35, 281-295.

Aune, R. K., & Aune, K. S. (2008). The effects of perfume use on perceptions of attractiveness and competence. In L. K. Guerrero, J. A. DeVito, & M. L. Hecht (Eds.). The nonverbal communication reader: Classic and contemporary readings (3rd ed.). Prospect Heights, IL: Waveland Press.

Aune, R. K., Levine, T. R., Park, H. S., Asada, K. J., & Banas, J. A. (2005). Tests of a theory of communicative responsibility. Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 24, 1-24.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses

    • COMG 151: Personal and Public Speech
    • COMG 251: Principles of Effective Public Speaking
    • COMG 301: Introduction to Communicological Theories
    • COMG 302: Research Methods
    • COMG 352: Group Decision-Making & Leadership
    • COMG 364: Persuasion
    • COMG 371: Message Processing
    • COMG 381: Interpersonal Relations
    • COMG 455: Conflict Management
    • COMG 470: Nonverbal Communication
    • COMG 471: Verbal Communication

    Graduate Courses

      • COMG 601: Theories in Communicology
      • COMG 602: Research Methods in Communicology
      • COMG 670: Message Processing
      • COMG 681: Relational Communication
      • COMG 702: Researching Relational Communication


    Office: George Hall 330
    Phone: 808.956.8202
    Fax: 808.956.3947
    Email: kaune@hawaii.edu