Krystyna S. Aune

Krystyna S. Aune

Krystyna S. Aune (Professor) has been at the University of Hawaii at Manoa since 1991. Dr. Aune is presently serving as the Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Formerly, Dr. Aune served as interim Associate Dean of the College of Arts & Humanities and Chair of the Department of Speech. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on Interpersonal Relations, Family Communication, and Communicological Theories among others and was awarded the Board of Regents Medal for Teaching Excellence in 2004. Dr. Aune’s research examines emotional expression in romantic relationships, adult play, jealousy in different types of relationships, cohabitation, and how couples negotiate the division of household labor.

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Ph.D. in Communication (University of Arizona, 1992)
M.S. in Communication (Illinois State University, 1987)
B.S. in Psychology (Illinois State University, 1985)


Representative Publications

Aune, K. S., & Wong, N. C. H. (2012). Fun with friends, pranks with partners: How we play in our closest relationships (pp. 143─159). In T. J. Socha & M. Pitts (Eds.), The positive side of interpersonal  communication. Peter Lang.

Aune, K. S., & Wong, N. C. H. (2002). Antecedents and consequences of adult play in romantic relationships. Personal Relationships, 9, 279─286.

Aune, K. S., Buller, D. B., & Aune, R. K. (1996). Display rule development in romantic relationships: emotion management and perceived appropriateness of emotions across relationship stages. Human Communication Research, 23, 115─145.


Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses

    • COMG 181: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
    • COMG 251: Principles of Effective Public Speaking
    • COMG 301: Introduction to Speech Communication Theories
    • COMG 361: Speech in Organizations
    • COMG 364: Persuasion
    • COMG 370: Verbal Communication
    • COMG 380: Speech in Family Settings
    • COMG 381: Interpersonal Relations
    • COMG 395: Research on Speech Behavior
    • COMG 481: Relational Management

Graduate Courses

    •   COMG 681: Relational Communication
    •   COMG 683: Issues in Message Processing (Seminar in Relational Maintenance)
    •   COMG 696: Seminar in Relational Management
    •   COMG 781: Seminar in Relational Communication



Office: Hawaii Hall 209
Phone: 808.956.7486
Fax: 808.956.7115