Outstanding Graduate Student Award


Selection Criteria

This award recognizes academic excellence, departmental citizenship, and/or outstanding research that leads to a conference paper(s) or publication(s).


A student is eligible for the Department of Communicology Outstanding Graduate Student Award if he or she is a full-time classified Communicology graduate student. The student must have a minimum 3.8 GPA (overall and in Communicology) and a Nomination Form from a fellow graduate student and/or faculty member.

Selection Procedure

The faculty member and/or graduate student can submit a Nomination Form to the Awards Committee based on the criteria listed above until the deadline indicated by the Award Committee.

Deadline for Award Nomination Form: March 15

Nomination Form 


The recipient has her or his name placed on a permanent plaque displayed in the Communicology Department main office. The recipient also receives a cash award of $100.00. If additional funds become available, the award amount may be increased.