Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Selection Criteria

This award recognizes academic excellence, outstanding research that leads to a conference paper(s) or publication(s) and/or departmental citizenship.


A student is eligible for the Department of Communicology Outstanding Graduate Student Award if he or she is a full-time classified Communicology graduate student. The student must be the first- or second-year student in the program and have a minimum 3.7 GPA (overall and in Communicology).

Selection Procedure

The Award Committee will review each candidate’s eligibility for the award based on the criteria. Those who meet or exceed the criteria will then be reviewed by the remaining faculty members, who will provide evaluation and feedback. Based on the evaluation by the faculty members, the Award Committee will make the final selection of the awardee.



The recipient has her or his name placed on a permanent plaque displayed in the Communicology Department main office. For 2018, the recipient also receives a cash award of $350.00.