Matthew Weyer

Matthew Weyer


Hometown: Waikele, Hawai‘i

Degree: Bachelors of Arts in Communicology, 2011

Occupation: Legal Intern and law student

What is your work history (all jobs since you graduated)?  

Administrative Support at U.S. Pretrial Services; Legal Intern; Judicial Extern at the U.S. District Court District of Hawaii and Hawaii Supreme Court; Summer Law Associate

What did you learn from Communicology classes that have helped you in your occupation(s)?  

Understanding that people communicate and handle conflict differently has proven most useful. It allows you to approach people in a way that increase optimal outcomes. Another big takeaway was realizing that these differences are shaped by the experiences we all have. This has enhanced my personal and professional relationships and interactions, understanding the reasons behind why someone may approach a situation differently decreases the chances of conflict escalating.

What useful skills did you develop from taking classes in the department?

I learned about active listening, which we really shouldn’t take for granted when we realize how many practical steps there are to making it effective, the ability to deescalate situations, and the ability to effectively use nonverbal communication to avoid conflict and enhance interactions.

What was your favorite class in our department?
Conflict Management

What was your fondest memory, funny anecdote, or memorable lesson you remember from your enrollment in the program?

Invading the personal space of complete strangers stands out. It’s appropriate if you’re doing it to better understand and appreciate nonverbal communication.