Graduate Teaching Assistant Award



Selection Criteria

This award recognizes a graduate teaching assistant in the Department of Communicology who has demonstrated outstanding achievements in teaching.



Graduate students who are teaching undergraduate courses in the Communicology Department. The award is based on outstanding performance in the classroom, evaluations from the course director and from students, display of creative and innovative teaching practices, and service to the course (e.g., sharing teaching ideas, providing assistance to other teaching assistants and to the course director, etc.).


Selection Procedure

Course Directors for COMG 151 and COMG 251 or other faculty members who supervise teaching assistants may submit to the Awards Committee a Nomination Form for any teaching assistants whom they feel meets or exceeds the eligibility requirements.


Deadline for Award Nomination Form: March 15

Nomination Form 



The recipient has her or his name placed on a permanent plaque displayed in the Communicology Department main office. For 2018, the recipient also receives a cash award of $350.00.