Plan A

Plan A Overview

The Plan A option involves the completion of an original empirical research project overseen by a graduate faculty member. The intended learning outcome of the thesis option is for students to grow in their written and analytical ability to produce scholarly work in the field of communication. A thesis must be initially proposed and later defended to an advisory committee comprised of graduate faculty members. Thesis candidates must present an acceptable written thesis and pass a final oral examination of the thesis.


Plan A Requirements

Students who select the Plan A track are required to complete a minimum of 33 credit hours of graduate work. Of these credits, at least 27 must be completed in Communicology courses numbered 600 and above, which include 6 credit hours of COMG 700 Thesis Research. Students who wish to complete the thesis option are required to take and successfully complete COMG 601 [Theories of Communicology], COMG 602 [Research Methods in Communicology], and COMG 702 [Researching Relational Communication]. Courses from allied disciplines may be counted toward the degree only with prior approval of the Director of Graduate Studies (see Petition Form  for enrolling in graduate course outside of Communicology). On rare occasions, we may allow students to use an upper-division undergraduate course toward their M.A. in Communicology degree requirements (see Petition Form  for enrolling in an upper-division Communicology course).