Driving Away Hunger is the Communicology Department’s Goal this Spring

The Department of Communicology is taking part in the Hawaii Foodbank’s Annual Food Drive, and we need your help!

According to the Hawaii Foodbank, there are people that have to choose between buying food and paying for everyday necessities, like housing, utilities, and medical care every month. You can help local people in need of food by donating to the Hawaii Foodbank today! Last year, the Hawaii Foodbank provided over 13.7 million pounds of food on Oahu and Kauai to those in need of food assistance, but they could not have accomplished this without the help from people like you.

To aid in the Hawaii Foodbank’s efforts, the Communicology department will be collecting food and monetary donations. Please bring in your canned goods or monetary donations to George 326 between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM, each weekday, until Wednesday, May 10, 2017. While we appreciate any donation, the most valued food items are canned proteins, meals, vegetables, fruits and bags of rice. Additionally, we will take any dollar amount for monetary donations. Keep in mind that just $10 will provide enough food for 25 meals, so every dollar counts.

To make things interesting, two groups within the Communicology department decided to hold a competition. Team COMG Students versus Team Faculty each decorated collection boxes using only materials from home and the office. When you donate, you may use your donation as a “vote” for the box you like best.

1 canned good = 1 vote
$1 = 1 vote
Bags of rice: 1 lb = 1 vote

You may vote for only one box or both boxes!
You may vote as often as you’d like!

Everyone who votes gets a green Food Drive flyer to post up on the bulletin board with their name on it. Those who vote with $10 or above will receive an orange Food Drive flyer.

Voting is open to the public, so please invite your classmates, family, and friends to donate to this great cause! Who do YOU think will win? #TeamCOMGstudents or #TeamCOMGfaculty?