Clara Chorley

Clara Ann Chorley


Hometown: Birmingham, England

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Speech, 2005

Occupation: Executive coach & Professional speaker

What is your work history (all jobs since you graduated)?
Paralegal Coordinator in San Francisco; Operations Manager in Rwanda, Africa; Development Consultant at Ernst & Young; Full-time business owner

What useful skills did you develop from taking classes in the department?
I learned to take responsibility for my communication and the results of it. And, perhaps even more importantly, how to take responsibility for my communication.

What did you learn from Communicology classes that have helped you in your occupation(s)?
Clearer, more effective ways to communicate with people across all types of backgrounds.

What was your favorite class in our department?
I didn’t have a favorite—I honestly loved them all. I keep pondering returning for graduate work, but there’s no personal reason for me to do it aside from pure enjoyment.

What was your fondest memory, funny anecdote, or memorable lesson you remember from our classes?
Kelly Aune telling us we shouldn’t be saying “bless you” after people sneezed!