Blake Allan Hendrickson

Blake Allan Hendrickson


Hometown: Lake Park, Minnesota

Degree: Masters of Arts in Speech, 2009

Occupation: Assistant Professor, Itaca College

What useful skills did you develop from taking classes in the department?
I developed organizational and critical thinking skills that have made it possible for me to manage a variety tasks in my current hectic schedule.

What did you learn from classes in Speech/Communicology that have helped you in your occupation(s)?
The instructional communication class has proven to be quite helpful for teaching. I realized the importance of immediacy behaviors not only in the classroom but also with e-mail communication.

What was your favorite class in our department?
Network theory

What was your fondest memory, funny anecdote, or memorable lesson you remember from your enrollment in the program?
The day students in our cohort presented our thesis findings to the department remains etched in my memory. The speeches that each professor/director gave to their respective students were poetic, heartfelt, and tear jerking. The faculty speeches demonstrated the family type relationships that students and faculty members build during their short years in the Department.