Ashley Hanna

Ashley Hanna Edwards


Hometown: Rochester, Minnesota

Degree: Master of Arts in Speech, 2010

Occupation: Assistant Professor, The College of Brockport State University of New York

What useful skills did you develop from taking classes in the department?
Taking classes in the department helped me to develop a number of important skills, including critical thinking, the art of presentation, the value of preparedness, and a passion for the subject matter.

What was your fondest memory, funny anecdote, or memorable lesson you remember from your enrollment in the program?
I took Nonverbal Communication during my first semester as a Master’s student. I had just relocated from Minnesota, and being Minnesota nice meant inflecting upward at the end of sentences in addition to other Minnesotan phrases like “Yah, sure, you betcha!” and “Uff da!” Very quickly, Dr. Hubbard informed me that this linguistic behavior was unbecoming to a scholar. She even developed a signal to indicate when I was inflecting. I can honestly say that while this was highly intimidating as a new graduate student, it has been invaluable to my academic discussion and presentation abilities.

My fondest memory in the department might be from the graduate colloquium at the end of my time at UH. It wasn’t just that it was rewarding to be able to share my thesis project; it was about the support I experienced from the people who had made my graduation possible: the professors who worked tirelessly with me and friends who made sure I survived (often, these people were one and the same!). I still consider myself very lucky to have been part of a department that cares so much about one another’s success.