Advising Overview

The Department of Communicology requires that all of our majors receive advising to ensure academic progress from one of the Communicology faculty members.

All Communicology majors must meet with a Communicology adviser before they register for courses. The Communicology Department will assign each Communicology major a specific adviser whom he or she will meet each semester before registering for the following semester. This is being done to help our majors better select their classes, counsel them on any academic issues, and globally assist them in any way we can in an effort to foster a rewarding experience in the Communicology program.



Before declaring Communicology as your major, you must first meet with our Undergraduate Chair. The chair will assign you an adviser and provide you with all the necessary paperwork. It is incumbent on each student to contact his or her adviser and set up a meeting time before the deadline set by the Undergraduate Chair.


Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about advising information, please contact the Department of Communicology Undergraduate Chair by e-mail at

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