Maria Lapinsky

Maria Lapinsky


Hometown:  Jackson, Michigan

Degree: Master of Arts in Speech, 2009

Occupation: Associate Dean for Research, College of Communication Arts and Sciences; Professor, Department of Communication and Michigan AgBio Research, Michigan State University

What useful skills did you develop from taking classes in the department?
I learned how to be a succinct writer. The courses also helped me to think outside the box.

What kinds of work have you done since leaving the Communicology program?

    • Ad Hoc Evaluation Consultant, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, Baltimore, Summer 2009 – Spring 2011
    • Assistant Professor, Department of Communication and National Food Safety and Toxicology Center, Michigan State University, Fall 2005 – Spring 2007
    • Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, Western Michigan University, Fall 2000 – Summer 2005
    • Evaluation Consultant, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Intervention Section, State of Michigan, South Eastern Michigan Health Association,1999 – 2007
    • Research Assistant, Center for Evaluative Studies, Dr. Murari Suvedi, Michigan State University, Fall 1998 – Summer 1999
    • Research Assistant and Teaching, Department of Communication, Michigan State University, 1995-1999

What did you learn from classes in Speech/Communicology that have helped you in your occupation(s)?
Everything I know today is based on what I learned in the Speech Department.

What was your favorite class in our department?
All of them.