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Department of Communicology

Understand. Relate. Influence.

The Department of Communicology at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa offers nationally-ranked undergraduate (B.A.) and graduate (M.A.) programs focused on human communication processes and functions. Our innovative curriculum is organized around three focal topic areas: creating understanding, relational communication, and persuasion/social influence. We also have a strong emphasis on intercultural communication.

Students in our program learn to read, interpret, and manage social dynamics; discern and respond effectively to people’s motivations and emotions; write compelling arguments; read and interpret data; create appeals that motivate people; and construct appropriate and effective responses to others’ communication.

Our alumni include successful lawyers, educators, managers, salespeople, nonprofit professionals, administrative professionals, publicists, financial planners, counselors, performers, media hosts, and corporate employees, among many other professions.

Our faculty are internationally recognized experts in their research areas, which include intercultural communication, deception, conversation, nonverbal communication, health communication, and intergenerational communication. They are also award-winning teachers who care about student success.

To learn more about our department, our community, and our undergraduate and graduate programs, please explore our website. Get a glimpse of the future of education and research on human communication with Communicology.

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