Yue, Ming-Bao 俞明寶

CCS Faculty
Associate Professor, East Asian Languages & Literatures
Moore Hall 110: 956-7047
Department: 956-8940
Fax: 956-9515
Email: mingbao@hawaii.edu

Certificate of Undergraduate Studies 1982, Beijing University
BA 1983, University of Hamburg
MA 1985, Stanford University
PhD 1991, Stanford University

Professor Yue’s research areas include 20th Century Chinese Literature and film, comparative literary criticism, post-colonialism, feminism, and cultural studies. Her publications explore the ideological ramifications of modernity and cultural identity in a cross-cultural as well as national context. Her more recent work has begun to examine the notion of “Chineseness” and focuses on the concept of “diasporic consciousness” local Chinese writers from Hawai’i, overseas Chinese writers in the US, Asian-American literature and film, and immigrant communities in Europe. Currently, she is working on a book manuscript on the problematic of representation in 20th century Chinese literary culture while also editing a collection of her essays on issues in cultural studies.

China-Related Courses

Asan 330 Chinese Film: Art and History
Chn 611 Readings in Contemporary Chinese: B. Short Fiction; C. Poetry and Drama; D. Novels and Essays
Chn 753M Research Sem. in Modern Chinese Literature: Gender, Language & Ideology EALL 363B 20th-Century Chinese Literature and Culture: 1919–1949
EALL 363C 20th-Century Chinese Literature and Culture: 1949–present
EALL 364 20th-Century Literature by Asian Women: Chinese Women Writers
EALL 472 Colonial Encounters: British Representations of Non-Western Cultures
EALL 735C Literary Theory and Methodology for Asian Literatures
WS 345 20th-Century Literature By Women
WS 364 Women and Media: The Role of Women in Contemporary Film


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