Yue, Ming-Bao 俞明寶

CCS Faculty
Associate Professor,
Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature & Cultural Studies
East Asian Languages & Literatures
Moore Hall 201: 956-7047
Department: 956-8940
Fax: 956-9515
Email: mingbao@hawaii.edu

Certificate of Undergraduate Studies, Beijing University
BA University of Hamburg
MA Stanford University
PhD Stanford University

Professor Yue’s research areas include 20th century Chinese literature, film and culture from PRC, Taiwan, and HK; Chinese literature from Southeast Asia; cultural constructions of “Chineseness;” transnational Chinese popular culture; Pan-Asianism and diasporic consciousness in Chinese travel and exile literature; multiculturalism in Europe; theories of ideology and representation; post-colonialism in East and Southeast Asia; feminist criticism; psychoanalysis; media studies and visual culture; and Inter-Asia Cultural Studies. She has co-edited with Guobin Yang a special issue “Collective Memories of the Cultural Revolution” for The China Review, (5:2, Oct 2005), and with Jon Goss a special journal issue on “De-Americanizing the Global? Interventions from Asia and the Pacific” for Comparative American Studies (3:3, Fall 2005); with Michael Shapiro and Geoff White a special issue “Culture in the Pacific: Views from Hawai’i,” Cultural Values: Journal For Cultural Research (6:3, 2002). She was also the consulting editor of the Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture, ed. Edward Davis, (Routledge Press, 2005). She was the co-founder and co-director of the International Cultural Studies Graduate Certificate Program that is co-sponsored by the East-West Center. Since 2018, she has also been serving as the editor of the journal China Review International.

China-Related Courses

CHN 611 Readings in Contemporary Chinese: B. Short Fiction; C. Poetry and Drama; D. Novels and Essays
CHN 665 Translation & Modernity in East Asian Culture & Society
CHN 753M Research Sem. in Modern Chinese Literature: Gender, Language & Ideology EALL 363B 20th-Century Chinese Literature and Culture: 1919–1949
EALL 363C 20th-Century Chinese Literature and Culture: 1949–present
EALL 364 20th-Century Chinese Women Writers (cross-listed with ASAN 364 and WS 346)
EALL 472 Colonial Encounters: British Representations of Non-Western Cultures
EALL 473 Chinese Diaspora & Visual Culture (cross-listed with ASAN 473)
EALL 735C Literary Theory and Methodology for Asian Literatures


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