China Review International

The Center for Chinese Studies, in conjunction with the University of Hawai’i Press, publishes the quarterly China Review International, dedicated to presenting reviews of recent scholarly books in Chinese studies. Books to be reviewed are identified by a committee of corresponding editors located in countries around the globe. These works are reviewed by prominent scholars and published in the journal. The principal aim of the journal is to apprise the field of new scholarship as it becomes available and to publish knowledgeable reviews of the new work within a year of its date of publication.

The Editor is Ming-bao Yue of the Department of East Asian Languages & Literatures. Ben Fairfield is the Managing Editor, and can be reached at

ABC Dictionaries and ABC Database

With the support of a two-year grant from the U.S. Department of Education’s International Research and Studies Program, the Center for Chinese Studies, working under the direction of Emeritus Professor John DeFrancis, completed the 72,000-entry ABC (AlphaBetically-based Computerized) Chinese-English Dictionary. Terms in the dictionary are arrayed in single-sort alphabetic order (“xuexiao” [school], for example, appears between “xuexiang” [hemogram] and “xuexiaoban” [platelet], rather than under the head character “xue” [to learn]). The dictionary was published in 1996 by the University of Hawai’i Press. In addition, the database that produced the dictionary is distributed by UH’s Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development. Rights to use the electronic version of the dictionary have been purchased by Wenlin Software for Learning Chinese and by Twinbridge Corporation, and can be used to support Chinese language word-processing systems as well. In 2003, the ABC Chinese-English Comprehensive Dictionary with 196,000 entries was published, followed in 2010 by the ABC English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary, 67,633 entries: 29,670 in the English-Chinese section, 37,963 in the Chinese-English section.

Currently, the Wenlin Institute is working with the Press to bring out the ABC Cantonese-English Dictionary, and has set up a wiktionary platform to allow lexicographers around the world to help build the ABC database and keep it up to date.

For further information, contact Cyndy Ning at (808) 956-2692.