McCraw, David R. 麥大偉

CCS Faculty
Professor, East Asian Languages & Literatures
Lincoln Annex 2, Room 5: 956-6853
Department: 956-8940; Fax: 956-9515

BA 1981, University of Massachusetts
MA 1983, Stanford University
PhD 1986, Stanford University

Professor McCraw’s research interests include: classical (Chinese) poetry, women and old poetry, Buddhist literature, ancient rhetoric, classical (Chinese) grammar and morphology. His books have treated, respectively, lyricists of the seventeenth century, the poetry of Du Fu, women and classical verse, Buddhist temples, and chiasmus and old Chinese literature.

China-Related Courses

  • Chn 101, 102 Elementary Mandarin
  • Chn 461, 462 Elementary Classical Chinese
  • Chn 481, 482 History of Chinese Literature
  • Chin 603C Bibliography
  • Chn 610B C D, 753T Seminars in Chinese Poetry
  • Chn 661, 662 Advanced Classical Chinese
  • EALL 361, 362 Traditional Chinese Literature in Translation


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