Reed, Gay Garland

CCS Faculty
Professor, College of Education
Wist Hall: 956-7328
Department: 956-7913
Fax: 956-9100

BA 1968, California Western University
MEd 1987, University of Virginia
PhD 1991, University of Virginia
PhD 2007, Oxford

Professor Reed taught at Nanjing University in 1987–88 and returned to China in 1990 to do dissertation research on Chinese moral and political education. Her dissertation focused on the communist role model Lei Feng and her China-related research interests include Confucianism, Chinese education, changing values in the PRC, Chinese communist ethics, minorities in China, Chinese Americans, and calligraphy.


“Is Lei Feng Finally Dead? The Search for Values in a Time of Reform and Transition,” in Michael Agelasto and Bob Adamson (Eds.) Beyond Reform: Chinese Education Enters the 21st Century, (forthcoming). “Looking in the Chinese Mirror: Reflecting on Moral-Political Education in the United States.” Educational Policy 9.3: 244–259. Published as book chapter in William K. Cummings and Philip G. Altbach (Eds.) The Challenge of Eastern Asian Education: Implications for America. New York: State University of New York Press, 51–64. “Moral/Political Education in the People’s Republic of China: Learning Through Role Models.” Journal of Moral Education 24.2: 99–111. “Sunday Chinese School: A Culture Affirming Mechanism in the Charlottesville Chinese Community.” Pacific Proceedings 2: 1-7. “Modeling as a Pedagogical Technique in the Art and Life of China.” Journal of Aesthetic Education 26.3: 75–83.