Hsieh, Hsin-I 謝信一

CCS Faculty
Professor, East Asian Languages & Literatures
Moore 357: 956-8477
Department: 956-8940
Fax: 956-9515
Email: hhsieh@hawaii.edu

BA 1963, National Taiwan University
MA 1966, National Taiwan University
PhD 1971, UC Berkeley

Professor Hsieh’s research focuses on Chinese syntax and semantics and the interaction between them. His theory of grammatical interaction has become established in the field of Chinese linguistics. Currently, he is developing a theory of Compositional Cognitive Grammar (CCG), which is a general theory of grammar with special application to Mandarin Chinese. Besides conducting research in linguistics, he also writes and publishes modern Chinese poems.

China-Related Courses

  • CHN 451, 452 Structure of Chinese
  • CHN 455 Chinese Pragmatics and Discourse
  • CHN 470 Language and Culture of China
  • CHN 634 Chinese Syntax & Semantics
  • CHN 650c Cognitive Grammar (of Chinese)
  • CHN 750C Research Seminar in Chinese Language Structure


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