January 17, 2024 – “Building World-class Undergraduate Education: A Quarter-Century Practice at Peking University”

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This presentation explores Peking University (PKU)’s 25-year endeavor to create a world-class undergraduate education. The introduction of the Yuanpei Program in 2001 marked a pivotal transformation in undergraduate education. It granted students the autonomy to select courses and majors, emphasized general education, and promoted interdisciplinary collaboration. The Yuanpei Program reflects a shift in PKU’s educational philosophy towards a student-centered approach, embodying a humanistic spirit that sees education as the nurturing of well-rounded individuals. This compelling case provides valuable insights for our understanding of the recent developments in higher education in China with the hope to stimulate similar educational reforms globally.

Speaker: Dr. Dingbing JIN, Peking University; Visiting Colleague, UHM 

Dr. Jin is a professor at PKU who earned his Ph.D. from PKU in 2002 and subsequently served as the Deputy Director of the Yuanpei Program, and as the Deputy Director of the Academic Affairs Office. Prof. Jin has played an important role in educational reform initiatives at PKU, actively contributing to the design and implementation of general education curriculum and interdisciplinary studies and to revisions of PKU’s student registration and course selection system.


Dr. Chris Lucas, Associate Professor and Chair of Educational Administration Dept, UHM & Dr. Manca Sustarsic, Lecturer focusing on global education, Educational Foundation Dept., UHM

Moderator: Dr. Di XU, UHM-Educational Foundations Dept.

Co-sponsors: UHM Educational Foundation Dept.