Spring 2022 Webinar Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held on Wednesdays, noon–1:30 p.m., as Zoom webinars, and Wensheng Wang, Department of History, will moderate.

See individual fliers for registration links.

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January 26 Research Presentation  Understanding China Series Event 6—“The Confucian Philosophy of Family Feeling as a Resource for a New Geopolitical Order. ” Roger T. Ames, Humanities Chair Professor at Peking University, Academic Director of the Peking U Berggruen Research Center, and Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at UH Mānoa.

February 2 Faculty Dialogue  Understanding China Series Event 7—“The Philippine National Hero’s Chinese Ancestry: Issues and Controversies.” Pia Arboleda, Associate Professor and Chair, Indo-Pacific Languages and Literatures, Director of the UH Center for Philippine Studies. In conversation with Ming-Bao Yue, EALL; CCS Director, UH Mānoa. Co-sponsored by The UH Center for Philippine Studies.

February 16 Research Presentation  Understanding China Series Event 8—“Audit Firms in China: the Impact of Government Supervision and Official Visits.” Jian Zhou, Professor of Accounting, Lloyd Fujie/Deloitte Foundation Distinguished Professor, Shidler College of Business at UH Mānoa. Co-sponsored by The Shidler College of Business.

Tuesday, March 1  1:30–3:00 pm  Faculty Roundtable  Understanding China Series Event 9—“Ritual and Relationship in Living Daoist Practice.” David J. Mozina, author and independent scholar. In conversation with Jonathan Pettit, Associate Professor of Chinese Religions, UH Mānoa, and Edward Davis, Associate Professor of Chinese History, UH Mānoa. Co-sponsored by the UH Departments of History and Religion.

Monday, March 28  1:00­–2:30 pm  In-person lectureSakamaki Hall Room A201 Understanding China Series Event 10 —“How Not to Walk Like Crabs: Some Historiographical Reflections on How Mao’s Last Revolution Began”  Yiching Wu, Associate Professor of East Asian Studies, University of Toronto. Co-sponsored by the UH Departments of Asian Studies and History.

March 30 1:00–2:30 pm  Faculty Roundtable  Understanding China Series Event 11—“The Effects of Covid-19 on Public Health in Contemporary China: Perspectives from History and Anthropology.” Nicole Barnes, Assistant Professor of History, Duke University; Katherine Mason, Vartan Gregorian Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Director of Undergraduate Research and Community Engagement for the Anthropology Department at Brown University; and Miriam Gross, Associate Professor of History and International and Area Studies at University of Oklahoma.

April 27  Book Launch  “Doing What You Really Want: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mengzi.” Franklin Perkins, Professor of Philosophy at UH Manoa. In conversation with Jim Behuniak, Professor of Philosophy at Colby College and George Tsai, Associate Professor of Philosophy at UH Mānoa. Co-sponsored by the UH Department of Philosophy.

Thursday, April 28 4:00-5:30 pm  Student Voice  “The Accountability for War Crimes: WWII Cases in Europe and Asia/Pacific.” A History Forum panel moderated by Yuma Totani, Professor, Department of History, UHM. Speakers (both from the UHM Department of History:  Peter Bushell (MA Program)—“The Charge of Command Responsibility: The Post-War War Crime Trials of Four Japanese and German Commanders” and “Chelly” Zi Ye (PhD Program), “The Early Institutionalization of Military Comfort Women: A Case Study of Hankow” Organized by the Department of History, co-sponsored by CCS.

Tuesday, May 3 3:30-4:20 pm  Exhibition Launch“China100 @ UH Mānoa: Online Exhibit to Commemorate 100 Years of Chinese Studies at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa.” Curated by Shana Brown (History), Song Jiang (EALL), and Dongyun Ni (Hamilton Library). Sponsored by the UHM Departments of History & EALL, Hamilton Library, & CCS.

May 4,  2:00-3:30 pm Faculty Dialogue Understanding China Series Event 12—“Chinese History and Chinese Possibilities: Understanding a Changing Society’s Place in the World.” Kenneth Pomeranz, University Professor of History and in the College at University of Chicago, and R. Bin Wong, Distinguished Professor of History at the University of California Los Angeles. Co-sponsored by the UHM Departments of History, Asian Studies, Anthropology and Sociology.