One Program Three Levels…

Chinese Language Flagship Program students gain high levels of Chinese language proficiency so that they can use Chinese in professional settings upon graduation.


Beginner: CHN 101-402:

Students start at whatever level is appropriate for them, as determined by the departmental placement test. Students accelerate their learning by participating in the tutoring program and in summer programs. Scholarships are available to help offset the cost of summer study and travel.

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Students develop professional, academic, and formal language skills while expanding their knowledge of Chinese culture. Students continue to participate in the tutoring program, but focus on reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities related to their own fields of study. During this level, students apply to the Capstone Year in China.


Capstone Year in China:

Students spend one year at either Nanjing University or Beijing Union University. They take high level language courses at the Flagship Center and directly enroll in courses in their fields. All students also complete an internship relevant to their own career goals. Scholarships are available to cover the cost of this program.

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Sample Academic Plans (Econ 5-Yr MA degree, Business, Pre-Med, Computer Science, general)

These are samples of academic plans and are provided for reference only. Students should discuss their specific plans with the Flagship director. Students with multiple majors should discuss their plans advisors in all fields.

Sample 1: Flagship BA Degree: 131 Credits

LLLBAChineseFlagship4* Flagship Scholarships available