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Survey Courses

Survey Courses

Survey Chemistry courses are designed for non-science majors and intended to provide a broad overview of chemical properties and reactivity.

CHEM 100 Chemistry and Society (3 Credits)

Prerequiste: None

Description: This is an introductory course that focuses on the fundamental principles of chemistry and the impact of chemistry in society. It is intended for non-science majors that might not have a background in chemistry. DP Download Syllabus PDF

CHEM 151 Elementary Survey of Chemistry (3 Credits)

Discontinued at UH Manoa at this time.

Prerequisite: None

Description: Provides non-rigorous but adequate background in fundamentals. Preparation for technical training in life sciences and for other introductory chemistry courses for students with little science/chemistry background. (Three lecture hours/week) Fall and Spring. DP Download Syllabus PDF

CHEM 151L Elementary Survey of Chemistry Laboratory (1 Credit)

Discontinued at UH Manoa at this time.

Prerequisite: CHEM 151 (or concurrent)

Description: Experiments introducing laboratory techniques and illustrating chemical principles. (One 3-hour laboratory session/week) Fall and Spring. DY Download Syllabus PDF

CHEM 152 Survey of Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: CHEM 151, 162, or 171

Description: Structure, nomenclature, properties and reactions of organic compounds, emphasizing those of practical importance in life sciences. (Three lecture hours/week) Spring only. DP Download Syllabus PDF

CHEM 152L Survey of Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry Laboratory (1 Credit)

Prerequisite: CHEM 151L, 162L, or 171L; and CHEM 152 (or concurrent).

Description: Techniques of preparation, purification, identification of organic compounds. (One 3-hour lab session/week) Spring only. DY Download Syllabus PDF