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Physical Chemistry

Physical chemistry

Physical chemistry is taught as a two-part sequence, with thermodynamics and kinetics in the first semester, and quantum chemistry and spectroscopy in the second. In essence, the two-semester CHEM 351-352 sequence teaches the physical basis of chemical concepts. CHEM 351 also serves students in other fields of study, such as oceanography, geology, physics and biology. Both courses are calculus based and present a quantitative and rigorous treatment of concepts encountered earlier in the curriculum.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, the student should be able to

  1. understand the energetics that drive chemical reactions and physical changes;
  2. understand the relationship between macroscopic properties and the molecular make up of matter;
  3. read and understand the research literature concerning quantitative aspects of chemical equilibria and phase transitions.
  4. define the fundamental concepts of quantum chemistry, using models for the energies encountered for atoms and molecules;
  5. discuss their applications to atomic and molecular spectroscopy;
  6. know the fundamental concepts of chemical kinetics.

CHEM 351 Physical Chemistry I (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: CHEM 274/274L, MATH 243 or MATH 253A, and PHYS 272 and PHYS 272L.

Description: Principles and theories; physico-chemical procedures. (Three lecture hours/week) Fall only. DP Download Syllabus PDF

CHEM 352 Physical Chemistry II (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: CHEM 351

Description: (Continuation of 351). Principles and theories; physico-chemical procedures. (Three lecture hours/week) Spring only. DP Download Syllabus PDF

CHEM 380 Professional Ethics for Chemists (1)

Prerequisite: Pre: 274 (or concurrent).

Description: Discussion of contemporary ethical issues in chemistry
using case studies and additional examples from the media. CR/NC only. Spring only. DP Download Syllabus PDF