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Inorganic Chemistry

These course provides an intermediate level introduction to inorganic chemistry, expanding on the treatment in the General Chemistry courses and introduces students to the basics.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, the student should understand:

  1. acid/base theory and the concepts of soft/hard acids/bases,
  2. the preparation, structure and spectroscopic properties of coordination compounds,
  3. the basics of organometallic chemistry.

CHEM 422 Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: CHEM 352 (or concurrent)

Description: Classification, description, fundamental theory. (Three lecture hours/week) Spring only. DP Download Syllabus PDF

CHEM 427 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (3)

Prerequisites: CHEM 425

Description: Classification, description, fundamental theory. DP Download Syllabus PDF