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Analytical Chemistry

In the Analytical Chemistry courses and the associated laboratories, the students are introduced to the foundations of making accurate and precise measurements and to important technological aspects of making such measurements.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, the student should understand:

  1. the importance of calibration, sampling strategy, sample matrix, sample handling and of record keeping for the generation of quantitatively meaningful data,
  2. critical quantifying parameters for various analytical methods,
  3. understand basic statistical methods for data refinement, acceptance and presentation.
  4. the basic design principles of the major analytical instruments in use today and the way in which these principles affect detection limits,
  5. the strategies for selection of an instrument for a specific analytical task,
  6. how to produce valid data at the detection limit and how to treatinstrument data output for the production of valid results.

CHEM 274 Principles of Analytical Chemistry (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: CHEM 162 or 171 or 181A; MATH 216 or MATH 242 or MATH 252A.

Description: Selected methods and principles, e.g. phase equilibria, ionic equilibria, electrode equlibria, separations, spectroscopy, automation and process control. (Three lecture hours/week) Spring only. DP Download Syllabus PDF

CHEM 274L Principles of Analytical Chemistry Laboratory (2 Credits)

Prerequisites: 274 (or concurrent)

Description: Phase separations, chromatography, titrimetry, spectrophotometry etc. (Two 3-hour labs/week) Spring only. DY Download Syllabus PDF

CHEM 333 Instrumental Analysis (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: CHEM 274/CHEM 274L and CHEM 351 (or concurrent).

Description: (Discontinued at this time) Methodology and Instrumentation. UV/vis spectrometry, emission and absorption spectrometry, HPLC, potentiometry, voltammetry and coulometry. (Three lecture-hours/week) Fall only. DP Download Syllabus PDF

CHEM 333L Instrumental Analysis Laboratory (2 Credits)

Prerequisite: CHEM 333 (or concurrent).

Description: (Discontinued at this time) Principles and applications of instrumentation for electrochemical and spectrometric analysis. (Two 3-hour laboratory sessions) Fall only. DP Download Syllabus PDF