Undergraduate Advising

FALL 2017 Mandatory Advising Form at: Mandatory Advising Form

Schedule an Undergraduate Advising Appointment

We use an on-line scheduling system to book advising appointments. Please use the following instructions:

  • All appointments are scheduled at least two days in advance. No same day appointments.
  • Use your UH email as we need it to access your records.
  • Use the widget below, or the following link, to use our calendar: http://uhmchemistry.appointy.com/
  • Select the type of appointment needed (Freshman, Biochemistry, Chemistry Advising)
    • Please do not select an advisor to make an appointment. The system is set up to choose the appointment type and match you with the appropriate advisor.
  • Confirm where in Bilger your session is scheduled.
  • Select one of the available times in the calendar.
  • Select your preferred method for logging in, and follow the instructions.
  • Your appointment is not scheduled if you have not received a confirmation email. The email will go to the account used to book the appointment. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes of booking an appointment, please try again.