How to Apply

Applications: Application for admission should be made as early as possible. The University has slightly different requirements and application deadlines for:

US residents application deadline :

  • Fall admission: May 1
  • Spring admission: September 157t

Foreign students application deadline :

  • Fall admission: March 1
  • Spring admission: August 1

Additional information for international applicants can be found here

Applicants seeking admission after the above deadlines are urged to contact Professor Tius.

To apply, complete all the steps below and email these forms to Professor Tius.

These forms must be opened and manipulated using Adobe Reader (It is free! Download it here.) Mac users: Do not use Preview, the default Mac application. The files will not save the data in a format we can retrieve.

  • Arrange for 3 (three) Evaluations to be sent the Chemistry Department

** Please note that the Chemistry Department is not currently using the Graduate Application Supplemental Documents Upload Website. For now, please continue to send all documents directly to Professor Tius. 

Chemistry Department Application Prescreening

You may choose to submit your application materials to the Chemistry Department for a prescreening prior to moving forward with your application to the UH Manoa Graduate Division and paying the associated fees. Please contact Professor Tius with your application materials for further information.

For more information about application for admission and deadlines please refer to the Graduate Division’s website or e-mail questions to the Professor Tius.