Career Fair

The purpose of this career fair is to provide you with the “tools” and resources to make important and valuable career decisions. During the Career Fair, you will take your “first steps” toward meaningful employment by meeting with employers face to face to exchange information.

Day Date Time Location
Tuesday March 3, 2015 12:00pm – 3:00pm Campus Center Ballroom

We welcome students and alumni of all majors to attend this event where employers will be informing students on what they’ll need to know about career paths, employer expectations and professional opportunities.

Why attend the Career Fair?

Regardless of your major, year in college, or future goals, there are numerous benefits to attending the career fair:

  • Networking – enabling you to establish important contacts.
  • Learn more about careers and potential opportunities.
  • Learn about Cooperative Education and Internship opportunities.
  • Increase your chances of getting an interview with a potential employer.
  • Sharpen your job search skills.
  • Practice good communication skills.
  • Don’t forget to attend pre-Career Fair workshops to help you prepare to meet employers. Click here for workshop topics and schedules.

What can Graduating Students and Alumni expect if they attend?

Graduating students and alumni will have opportunities to network with employers and apply for professional employment.

What do students gain from attending the CAREER FAIR?

  • 95% gained new insights into career options
  • 96% gathered knowledge about qualifications,
    skills and expectations of employers
  • 85% received information that will help with their career decisions
  • 86% increased their understanding of what skills and experiences are needed for their desired career

(Based on students surveyed during the Spring 2014 Career Fair)

Don’t miss your chance to speak with representatives from local and national companies right here on-campus!

How to Prepare

Meet with a counselor for personalized assistance to prepare for the Career Fair.  Call us at (808) 956-7007 or e-mail us at to set up your appointment. Click here for the counseling schedule.

  • How to maximize your time at the Career Fair and decide what you want to gain by reading these job fair tips for students
  • Salary information research strategies
  • Review your resume
  • Develop an introduction to use when meeting an employer at the fair
  • Feedback on appropriate dress/attire to make a positive impression
  • Construct meaningful questions to help you learn about career options
  • Feedback to your follow-up thank you or networking letter

Interested in attending the career fair? Read on.

Attend one of our workshops prior to fully prepare for the career fair: