Meet the Team

Faculty and Staff

The primary Project Coordinator is Dr. Seunghye Hong. Dr. Hong is assisted by Dr. Yeonjung “Jane” Lee who works as the Assistant Project Coordinator and the direct supervisor of the C3 Fellows.

Co-Principal Investigators

Seunghye Hong, PhD, MA

Yeonjung Jane Lee, PhD, MA


Robin Arndt, MSW, LSW

Michael DeMattos, MSW

Workforce Development

Aimee Chung, MSW, LSW

Wendy Lum, MSW

Jill Sur, MSW, MBA


Theresa Kreif, MSW, LSW

C3 Fellows

Meet the C3 Fellows a select cohort of student researchers who support the faculty and staff for the project. Please click on the 2020 – 2021 link to read the Fellows bios.

2020 – 2021