People and Plants of Micronesia


Ophioglossum reticulatum – Ophioglossaceae



Ruus, Runs (Pl-Okabe), Gabachak (Y-Okabe)

[Whistler’s description for O. petiolatum can be used for O. reticulatum because they are very similar with one primary difference of having cordate base, see pg. 178-Polynesia Herbal Medicine]           


For Palau: “When stung by a swordfish, the plant is crushed and applied to the wound” (Okabe).

For Yap:  “Nif Dist: when stung by a ray fish, sap of the plant is mixed with boiled coconut oil. The vapor is led to come into contact with the affected part, which is smeared with the oil when the oil cools down” (Okabe).