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ZOOL 490A - Seminar in Zoology (1)

Reports on research, reviews of literature, or research experience.  Required of students majoring in zoology or entomology.  (B) general zoology; (D) animal behavior; (E) ecology; (F) physiology; (G) developmental biology; (H) marine biology.

ZOOL 306 (or equivalent), or consent for (D)

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ZOOL 439 - Animal Ecology (3)

Principles and theories; examples from current experimental and analytical literature.  For students in biological sciences.  DB

BIOL 265 and (MATH 205 or MATH 215 or MATH 241), or consent

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BIOL 490 - Mathematical Biology Seminar (1)

Reports on research in mathematical biology, reviews of literature, and research presentation. Required for Certificate in Mathematical Biology. Repeatable one time. Pre: junior standing or higher and consent. (Cross-listed as MATH 490)

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