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ZOOL 466 - Fisheries Science (3)

General characteristics of fisheries; harvesting methods; principles and techniques to derive data and analyze fished populations. Field trips. Pre: one of the following: 410, 465, 470, 608, or 620; or consent. DB

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ZOOL 200 - Marine Biology (2)

Biology and ecology of marine plants and animals; coral reefs, the deep sea, rocky shores, marine mammals, fisheries, aquaculture, pollution, and conservation of marine resources.  DB

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BIOL 602 - Marine Biology-Processes and Impacts (4)

(3 hr Lec, 3 hr Lab) Investigation of biological phenomena and processes related to productivity and food webs, community structure and ecology, adaptations, and physiology, and impacts of human activities and fisheries. Graduate standing in Marine Biology graduate degree program only. A-F only. Pre: 601. Minimum prerequisite grade of B. (Spring only)

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Coral Reef Community Ecology, Fisheries Science, Marine Conservation Biology, and Traditional Marine Resource Use and Management


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