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BIOL 403 - Field Problems in Marine Biology (4)

Integrated program of intensive lectures, laboratory experiments, and field research that focus on the biological processes that shape the lives of marine organisms. A-F only. Limited space; enrollment by consent; GPA considered. Pre: C (not C-) or better in 301/301L and consent. DB

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BIOL 400 - Ocean Internships and Research (V)

Students carry out marine-related internships, practica, research projects or field experience on-or off-campus with faculty guidance. Repeatable one time. A-F only. Pre: minimum cum GPA of 2.5, junior or senior standing in any field of study and IS 100/BIOL 104 or consent, project proposal. (Cross-listed as IS 400)

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BIOL 363 - Biological Field Studies (V)

Biological survey, collection, and analysis techniques will be reviewed and applied through field studies. Students will be introduced to the uniqueness of the Hawaiian environment and its diversity of life. Emphasis on diversity, evolution and ecology. Repeatable up to six credits. Pre: C (not C-) or better in 265/265L (or equivalent), or consent. DB

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