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ZOOL 620 - Marine Ecology (3)

Principles of ecology of marine biota and environment.

Pre-requisites: Graduate standing in Biology, Oceanography, or Botany; or consent

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ZOOL 432 - Comparative Physiology (3)

Physical chemical cellular mechanisms underlying function of organ systems; general principles inferable from study of adaption to diverse environments.  DB

BIOL 171 and BIOL 172 and (MBBE 402 (or concurrent) or BIOC 441 (or concurrent)), or consent

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BIOL 601 - Marine Biology-Environments and Organisms (4)

(3 hr Lec, 3 hr Lab) Introduction to the diversity of marine organisms and the many specialized coastal, reef, and oceanic habitats in which they live. Lab and field research exercises will complement lecture subjects. Graduate standing in Marine Biology graduate degree program only. A-F only. Pre: consent. (Fall only)

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BIOL 363 - Biological Field Studies (V)

Biological survey, collection, and analysis techniques will be reviewed and applied through field studies. Students will be introduced to the uniqueness of the Hawaiian environment and its diversity of life. Emphasis on diversity, evolution and ecology. Repeatable up to six credits. Pre: C (not C-) or better in 265/265L (or equivalent), or consent. DB

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BIOL 320 - The Atoll (3)

Atoll as ecosystem and as human environment. Formation, structure, distribution, biota. Pre: two semesters of introductory science or consent. DB

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