Dr. Steven Robinow - The genetic and hormonal regulation of nervous sytem development in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster; how developmental signals regulate gene expression to control nervous system development and function.

Dr. Timothy C. Tricas - The evolution of fish sensory systems in relation to their ecology and natural behavior on coral reefs; the evolution of sound production and specialized hearing mechanism in butterflyfishes; role of modulators of sensory system performance and control of fish social behaviors.

Dr. Michael Hadfield - The chemosensory mechanisms of marine slugs, with a special emphasis on finding and characterizing the major gene family that specifies chemoreceptor proteins; examining microsatellite DNA sequences to compare genetic identities of endemic tree snails, analyze the degree of inbreeding in very small, remnant field populations, and devise breeding plans for captive-rearing.

Dr. Daniel Hartline - Neuroethology and neuroecology of zooplankton (mechano- and chemoreception in copepods); computational properties of network neurons; and computational studies of space clamp errors in point-clamp experiments.

Dr. Petra Lenz - The relationship between physiological and structural properties of mechanosensory systems in copepods and its relation to behavior and ecology.