Paul Nachtigall

Researcher and Director Emeritus, Marine Mammal Research Program, Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology

Cetacean Sensory and Perceptual Processes






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Research Interests

My research interests focus on the sensory and perceptual processes of dolphins and small whales. Past research has focused on taste reception, vision, hearing and echolocation of toothed whales and dolphins. Currently conducting research on hearing (sound localization, low frequency audiometrics, evoked auditory potential measurements as a way to study hearing in large whales, examining hearing while animals echolocate), echolocation (determining acoustic processes of echolocation via phantom echo experiments, effects of noise on dolphins, modeling discrimination abilities) with further interest in aiding stranded animals and may be conducting future studies on vision and taste reception.

Selected Publications

Mooney, T.A., Nachtigall, P.E., Miller, L., Rasmussen, M., and Taylor, K.A. (2009) > Auditory temporal resolution of a wild white-beaked dolphin (Lagenorhynchus albirostris ) Journal of Comparative Physiology - A

Mooney T.A., Nachtigall, P.E. and Vlachos, S. (2009) Sonar induced temporary hearing loss in dolphins. Biology Letters , 5, 565-567

Supin, A. Ya., Nachtigall, P.E., and Breese, M. (2009) Forward masking based gain control in odontocete biosonar: an evoked-potential study. J Acous Soc Am