Paul L. Jokiel

Researcher, Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology

Coral Reef Ecology





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Research Interests

My research centers on coral reef ecology, so my research spans a wide range of topics. I am concerned with the effects of the following physical parameters on coral reef ecosystems: light (spectrum, intensity and modulation), temperature, water motion, salinity, various pollutants, sedimentation and nutrients. In addition, I am interested in the biogeography and dispersal of reef organisms, reef structure and function, and various biological dimensions such as competition and genetic structure. Much of my work is directed at producing the basic information required for intelligent environmental management of tropical marine coastal ecosystems. I am currently conducting long-term ecological studies in the Hawaiian Archipelago and have an increasing focus on the impact of climate change on coral reefs.

Selected Publications

Jokiel, P. L. and Eric K. Brown. 2004. Global warming, regional trends and inshore environmental conditions influence coral bleaching in Hawaii. Global Change Biology 10:1627-1641.

Jokiel, Paul L. and E. F. Cox. 2003. Drift pumice at Christmas Island and Hawaii: evidence of oceanic dispersal patterns. Marine Geology, Volume 202: 121-133.

Jokiel PL. 1990. Response of Hawaiian and other Indo-Pacific reef corals to elevated temperatures associated with global warming. Coral Reefs 8:155-162.