Megan Donahue

Associate Researcher, Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology

Population Ecology, Particularly of Interspecific Interactions






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Research Interests

I am a marine community ecologist, broadly interested in spatial dynamics and connecting spatial theory with data. My research program focuses on three areas critical to understanding the effects of spatial heterogeneity in ecological systems: (i) scaling community dynamics from local interactions to regional dynamics by incorporating environmental heterogeneity, (ii) modeling behavioral responses to heterogeneous environments (e.g., habitat selection), and (iii) investigating the consequences of spatial behavior on population dynamics. Considering the challenges of demonstrating spatial mechanisms of population dynamics, I use a diversity of approaches, including statistical and theoretical methods, laboratory and field based experiments, and manipulative and observational studies.These research questions have important consequences for the spatial management of marine ecosystems.

Selected Publications

Robles CD, RA Desharnais, C Garza, MJ Donahue. 2010. Landscape patterns in boundary intensity: a case study in mussel beds. Landscape Ecology. 25:745-759.

Donahue MJ, AM Nichols, CA Santamaria, PE League-Pike, CJ Krediet, KO Perez, and MJ Shulman. 2009. Predation risk, prey abundance, and the vertical distribution of three brachyuran crabs on Gulf of Maine shores. Journal of Crustacean Biology. 29(4): 523-531.

Krediet CJ and MJ Donahue. 2009. Growth-mortality trade-offs along a depth gradient in Cancer borealis. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology & Ecology. 373: 133-139.