Greta Aeby

Assistant Researcher, Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology

Understanding the Role that Biological Interactions Play in Structuring the Coral Reef Community






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Selected Publications

Carpenter, K, Abrar, M, Aeby, G, Aronson, R, Banks, S, Bruckner, A, Chiriboga, A, Cortes, J, Delbeek, C, DeVantier, L, Edgar, G, Edwards, A, Fenner, D, Guzman, H, Hoeksema, B, Hodgson, G, Johan, O, Licuanan, W, Livingstone, S, Lowell, E, Moore, J, Obura, D, Ochavillo, D, Polidoro, B, Precht, W, Quibilan, M, Reboton, C, Richards, Z, Rogers, A, Sanciangco, J, Sheppard, A, Sheppard, C, Smith, J, Stuart, S, Turak, E, Veron, J, Wallace, C, Weil, E, and E. Wood. 2008. One third of reef-building corals face elevated extinction risk from climate change and local impacts. Science 321:560-563.

Gochfeld, D. and G. Aeby. 2008. Antibacterial chemical defenses in Hawaiian corals: possible protection from disease. Mar Ecol Prog Ser362:119-128.

Work, T., Aeby, G. and J. Maragos. 2008. Phase shift from a coral to a corallimorph-dominated reef associated with a shipwreck on Palmyra Atoll. PLoS ONE 3:e2989