Ernst S. Reese

Professor Emeritus, Biology

Behavioral ecology of coral reef animals






Research Interests

My teaching and research interests are in animal behavior and behavioral ecology. Currently I am working on the social behavior of reef fishes. I am particularly interested in the relationship of food and feeding behavior to behavioral ecology and life history characteristics, coevolution of corals and reef fishes, orientation behavior of butterflyfishes, and the use of butterflyfishes as indicators of conditions on coral reefs. Current interests include management strategies for the conservation of coral reff ecosystems.

Selected Publications

Reese ES, Crosby MP. 1999. The use of indicator species for coral reef monitoring. In: Proceedings of the Hawaii Coral Reef Monitoring Workshop: A tool for Management, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Crosby MP, Reese ES.1996. A Manual for Monitoring Coral Reefs with Indicator Species: Butterflyfishes as Indicators of Change on Indo Pacific Reefs. Silver Spring, MD: Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, NOAA. 45 pp. (a training video accompanies this manual)

Reese ES. 1995. The use of indicator species to detect change on coral reefs: butterflyfishes of the Family Chaetodontidae as indicators for coral reefs. In: Coral Reef Symposium on Monitoring methods, Annapolis, Maryland. p 19-23.