Brenden Holland

Associate Researcher, CCRT

The Mechanisms and Processes that Result in Diversification of Multicellular Life on Earth



Henke 337


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Research Interests

My professional interests lie in understanding the mechanisms and processes that result in diversification of multicellular life on earth. Some of the most diverse, interesting and informative biological communities occur on oceanic islands. At the same time, island taxa rank among the most threatened life forms, and extinction rates on islands have reached unacceptable levels. Our research focus covers topics from island biogeography and phylogenetic reconstruction, to conservation biology, including studies aimed at gaining insight into predatory behavior and control strategy for harmful invasive species.

Selected Publications

Holland, B.S. (2012) If the conceptual straitjacket fits, chances are you're already wearing it. Book Review of "Molecular Panbiogepography of the Tropics" by M.J. Heads, 565 pages. Frontiers in Biogeography 4(4): 144-147.

Holland B.S., L.M Chiaverano, G.L Crow, A. Yanagihara, L. Blair. Trends in Recurrent Spawning Aggregations of the Box Jellyfish Alatina moseri (Mayer 1906) in Hawaii. In revision.

Holland, B.S. and A.E. Kay. 2012. Biogeography, In: The Pacific Islands: Environment and Society. Rapaport, M. (ed). Second edition, University of Hawaii Press. In press.