Allen Allison

Senior Zoologist, Bishop Museum

Population Biology, Systematics, Herpetology, Papuan Herpetofauna



Bishop Museum


(808) 848-4145


(808) 847-8252

Selected Publications

Allison, A., G. A. Samuelson, & S. E. Miller. 1997. Patterns of beetle species diversity in Castanopsis acuminatissima (Fagaceae) trees studied with canopy fogging in mid-montane New Guinea rainforest, p. 224-236 in N. E. Stork, J. Adis and R. K. Didham (eds.), Canopy arthropods. Chapman and Hall, London, England.

Basset, Y., G. A. Samuelson, A. Allison, & S. E. Miller. 1996. How many species of host-specific insects on a species of tropical tree? Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 59: 201-216.

Allison, A. 1997. Zoogeography of amphibians and reptiles of New Guinea and the Pacific Region, pp. 407-436 in A. Keast and S. E. Miller (eds.), The origin and evolution of Pacific Island biotas, New Guinea to Eastern Polynesia: Patterns and processes. SPB Academic Publishing, Amsterdam.