Graduate Students

Ambrosino, Christine

Anderson, James

Bader, Samuel

Bahr, Keisha
PI/Advisor: Dr. Paul Jokiel
Research: The Effects of Multiple Climate Change Stressors and Ocean Acidification on Hawaiian Coral Reefs

Berryman, Jessica

Boswell, Leigh Ann

Buehler, Jacob

Burns, John
PI/Advisor: Dr. Ruth Gates
Research: Physiological Impacts of Diseases on Affected Corals and Their Associated Algal Endosymbionts

Canfield, Sean
PI/Advisor: Dr. Brian Bowen
Research: Phylogeography, Population Structure, and Evolution of Marine Fishes (with a particular focus on elasmobranchs)

Chen, Jessica
PI/Advisor: Dr. Whitlow Au
Research: Acoustics of Humpback Whale Songs and Social Sounds

Chiu, Yu-Kun

Coleman, Richard
PI/Advisor: Dr. Brian Bowen
Research: Evolutionary Patterns and Movement of In-shore Reef Fish - Phylogeography, Population Genetics, Hybridization and Parentage Analyses

Copeland, Adrienne
PI/Advisor: Dr. Whitlow Au
Research: Studying Odontocete Foraging Behavior Using Active and Passive Acoustics

Copus, Joshua

Cros, Annick
PI/Advisor: Dr. Stephen Karl
Research: Connect Coral Reefs in Palau: A Population Genetics Approach to Resilient Marine Protected Areas

Dacks, Rachel

Deis, Brian
PI/Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Cole
Research: Ichthyology and Evolutionary Biology

Dong, Caroline Mei-Xu
PI/Advisor: Dr. Robert Thomson
Research: Phylogenetics and Conservation Biology of Reptiles and Amphibians

Donovan, Mary

DuBuc, Timothy

Dudoit, Chelsea Alealani

Fantle-Lepczyk, Jean
PI/Advisor: Sheila Conant
Research: Population Modeling of the Endangered Puaiohi

Filous, Alexander

Fisher-Pool, Pollyanna

Fitzpatrick, John

Fung, Jennifer Kwok Jun

Gary, Deena

Genovese, Caitlyn

Giddens, Jonatha
PI/Advisor: Dr. Alan Friedlander
Research: The Ecological Effects of the Introduced Top Predatory Grouper Roi (Cephalopholis argus) on the Hawaiian Reef Fish Assemblage

Henry, Elizabeth

Hurley, Kaleonani
PI/Advisor: Dr. Rob Toonen
Research: Crab Assemblages of Mesophotic Reefs; Local Crab Fisheries and Connectivity

Hutchinson, Melanie

Koike, Haruko
PI/Advisor: Dr. Alan Friedlander
Research: Ecological and Stock Assessment of Seychelles' Sea Cucumber

Lapointe, Abby

Laruson, Aki
PI/Advisor: Dr. Floyd Reed
Research: Identifying Patterns of Genomic Divergence in Drosophila Flies and Tripneustes urchins

Lin, David

Lynch, Garrett

Macduff, Sean

Magalhaes, Wagner

Maxfield, Jessica

McCoy, Kaylyn

Nakayama, Sanami

Newell, Martha
PI/Advisor: Dr. Peter Marko
Research: The Effect of Ocean Acidification on Coral Connectivity and Gene Expression Patterns

Oliveira, Bruna

Prescott, Rebecca

Rhodes, Randi

Richlen, Michael

Ritson-Williams, Raphael
PI/Advisor: Dr. Ruth Gates
Research: Population Level Response of Corals to Multiple Stressors

Rivera, Julio

Rodgers, Jason

Roncalli, Vittoria
PI/Advisor: Dr. Petra Lenz/Dr. Daniel Harline
Research: Functional Ecology of Copepods

Ross, Megan

Royer, Mark

Rudd, Alexis

Scales, Jeffrey

Schemmel, Eva

Shelton III, Austin

Shishido, Caitlin
PI/Advisor: Dr. Amy Moran
Research: Thermal Tolerances of Intertidal Marine Invertebrates; Physiological Responses of Early Life History Stages to Environmental Stressors

Silbiger, Nyssa

Sischo, David

Smith, Thomas

Sogin, Emilia

Sukhraj, Nadiera

Sziklay, Jamie
PI/Advisor: Dr. Megan Donahue
Research:  Investigating the Spatial Spread of Several Coral Diseases Across the Hawaiian Archipelago and Using Modeling Techniques to Forecast Future Outbreaks

Timmers, Molly

Titmus, Andrew

Usseglio Lizcano, Paolo

Veazey, Lindsay
PI/Advisor: Dr. Rob Toonen
Research: Predictive Habitat Modeling of Mesophotic Coral Reef Ecosystems Across the Main Hawaiian Islands

Vinnikov, Kirill

Wainwright, Benjamin

Wilbur, Sean

Williams, Kelley

Wright, Melissa
PI/Advisor: Dr. Brenden Holland
Research: Determining Impact, Threat Assessment, and Spread of Jackson's Chameleons in Hawaii

Ylitalo-Ward, Heather

Zoll, Janna

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