Undergraduate Degrees, Minors and Certificates

The Department of Biology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa offers undergraduate degrees in the following areas:

Undergraduate Degrees Offered by the Department of Biology
BS Biology Program Sheet 4-Year Sample Academic Plan
BA Biology Program Sheet 4-Year Sample Academic Plan
BS Marine Biology Program Sheet 4-Year Sample Academic Plan

Other undergraduate degrees offered by the department are:

The curricula are designed to provide students with a strong background in the principles of biology and with rigorous upper-division instruction in a number of areas. This combination of breadth and in-depth instruction allows students to develop the intellectual foundations and the skills necessary to deal with the specific biological concerns of today and the flexibility to meet the needs of the various professions. From this base, our graduates can pursue future specialization with confidence.Undergraduate students in the Department of Biology have a broad selection of courses and unique opportunities to gain experience in field and laboratory work.  While all of our students are  encouraged to participate in the active research with faculty both on and off campus, our Bachelor of Science students are required to participate in at least one research experience.  The baccalaureate curricula are designed to prepare students for graduate work in biological sciences, admission to professional schools, or advanced specialized training.


Which Degree Should I Choose?

Bachelor of Science - Designed to give students a solid foundation and broad background in the principles and the diverse ways of thinking in biology as appropriate preparation for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) in Biology and for specialized graduate study in the field.  The BS is comprised of more courses within the major, providing students a more focused degree.

Bachelor of Arts - An adaptable program leading to a liberal arts education.  Students complete a greater number of courses outside of the major providing a diverse educational experience and more flexibility to pursue a minor/certificate.